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Zoom Studio Home Edition 2.20

Manage photos and image catalogues with ease

Zoom Studio 2 - Home Edition is an easy-to-use graphics software optimized for high resolution digital photos, allowing you to manage photos and image catalogues simply and easily.

Create a zoom web gallery from photos and export as a web site. Animate still images and export as html for the web. You can even convert existing HTML web pages into zoom photo pages.

Handle large digital photos

Digital cameras deliver photos larger than the computer screen. Zoom Studio 2 is optimized for large high quality photos.

Load a photo by double clicking its thumbnail image in the studio. When the cursor is above the image you can pan the image by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse.

To zoom in on something of interest press the right mouse button and move the mouse forward and to zoom out move the mouse backwards.

Manage your photos

The Zoom Studio 2 user interface is similar to Windows Explorer, and each photo is displayed as a a thumbnail.

Use cut/copy/paste or drag-n-drop to move files on your computer or computers on the network. The innovative folder image feature makes it possible to assign thumbnail images to directories making it simple and easy to remember just where you have your photos.

Zoom Studio integrates easily with your favourite image/HTML editor.

Create a photo gallery

Zoom Studio 2 has can output ten different types of zoom photo galleries.

Simply select the photos you want to create a gallery from, right click and select make gallery. An HTML photo gallery will be created from your photos and displayed in the studio.

Select among the different types of galleries from the template list. Write a title for your gallery and click export. You now have a web ready photo album.

Photo Notes

Add information to your jpeg images by right clicking an image and select "file info". The file information dialog allow a lot of information to be stored inside the jpeg file without altering the actual image.

When your photo file is moved the information will always stay there just like if you wrote on the back of a printed photograph. The file information (iptc) can be read by popular image programs like Adobe Photoshop.

The IPTC gallery outputs all this information as HTML making it readable from a common web browser.


Zoom Studio 2 makes it easy to create animations from a single photo.

Create a new animation by right clicking an image and select animate. Pan and Zoom to the views in the photo and click add to create the animation.

Customize the animation and export it. The finished animation is still a single photo but uses Inzomia to create the animation at runtime on the visitors computer


Zoom Studio 2 makes it easy to add zooming to existing web pages.

Select Inzomify on a HTML page. All images on the page will be listed as thumbnails. Select the images you want to be able to pan and zoom. Click preview to see how the the page will look and when you are satisfied click export to save the new page.

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Zoom Studio Home Edition 2.20